Como lo hago?

Temporal Mooring

Through symbolization, we can help you to attract to you the person who you want to have in your life even if she or he don’t want the same, or if she or he has been far away from you for a long time.

Mooring with garments

Intimate clothes allow us wrap under our possession the desire and thoughts of the people we love the most

Homosexual mooring

Love doesn’t know preferences and I have the perfect mooring for you, distance doesn’t matter nor does it how long you’ve been separated; he or she will come back to you.

Revenge or Whim mooring

It can make in anyone, no matter time or distance. You can recover that person, get back your happiness. The whim mooring is ideal for people who want just, intimacy with acquaintances friends, family couple and more.

AEternal Mooring

Love is more than a feeling, more than passion, it is a carnal desire that many times can drives us to madness or even to death, for that simple reason many people lose their minds when they are rejected by the people they love o want, in many cases when they are rejected, they try to take away the lives of the loved ones, because they can’t stand to see them with other people. The Eternal love mooring plays a very important role in the union of two people, because it unites them eternally, no matter creed, gender, religion, time or distance. The Eternal love mooring is performed invoking, conjuring. In the world it has been shown that the eternal love mooring are strongest, potent, safe and powerful above mooring performed by wizards, sorcerers, healers, shamans, wicked and black wicked

Mooring at a Distance

Love mooring at a distance with a picture of the loved one. Being in the same place or far away from you, this kind of mooring it is done so that your loved one can come back to you, whether distance, other people, disenchantment, lack of love, or for a personal decision, with this santeria voodoo ritual I will give you back you loved one.

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