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    Love Mooring

    Mooring of love helps the person who you love the most to come back, dominated and subdued at your disposition and request, it helps to control the sexual desire and the love of your couple only towards you.


    Is the human feeling affecting the desire and pleasure that the person make you happy generates? Do you feel forces are breaking the harmony between you and you couple, also being caused by the envy of other people?


    Flowering baths and amulets for the good luck, if you feel tied to bad lucky, with my voodoo rituals I give a solution to your problems, I prepare amulets and protection, I cure bad luck from roots and drive away unwanted people.


    About Mi.K

    Specialist in Mooring eternal love with rituals of Santería Voodoo. I am an Afro-descendant with more than 30 years of experience. My love ties are characterized by being rituals worked in spiritual areas, under blankets and prayers that serve as a means of contact. I make moorings of love, accompanied to this ritual of love, I also unearth, untie, bewitch of attraction, sweetenings.

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    It is represented for a supernatural entity, called Bondye, ruler of the supernatural world, being unreachable for the world of humans, so that the communication with this supernatural world must be carried out through entities that act as intermediary deities that conform, in fact, the core of voodoo, having each one of them a different personality. A Master Voodoo has the function of getting in touch with the imminent ancestral deities. Those which, through correctly performed rituals allow to get different favors and benefits, the strength on this sorcery depends entirely of his giver and the Master Voodoo and his capacities.

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    Talismanes ritualizados para el Amor, Dinero, Salud y ProsperidadK

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